The 2014 US Advanced Aerobatic Team still needs your help!

The 2014 US Advanced Aerobatic Team still needs your help!  YOUR CONTRIBUTION is GREATLY appreciated.  We are so thankful for the contributors who have helped us so far.  We still have some things not covered (like team car rental in Europe, and the likely fees we’ll pay at the practice site airport).  Tax-deductible donations can still be made to the Team care of the IAC at:


Our sincere appreciation to all those who have contributed already – many thanks.


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Another video

time for another flying video….and yes, if someone ELSE would send me video I’d post that…..

Flown in the Staudacher (“Captain America”) since the Panzl is now in Europe.  Lot’s of things to like about this free program….a few not to…..

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Swallow Ace (with the planes) arrives in Europe

The ship has arrived in Emden, Germany!

Ship Has Arrived jpeg

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PPP(s) on the ship – heading to Germany!

Swallow Ace has set sail!
Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.52.53 PM
Follow the progress of the ship here:
Map Screen Shot 2014-07-07 at 10.16.57 PM
Polite, Polished & Professional(s) meet up in Georgia before boarding the ship:
PPPs meet
Who needs a ladder… just use the lift gate!
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Loading the MX – the Original Polite, Polished & Professional

Nik has a tool for every job and an idea for every problem!

photo 1photo 4

Wing loading is tricky.

photo 2

Scissor lift tables are key to making this an easy two man job.

photo 3

Despite 100+ deg temps and 95% humidity fan makes you feel somewhat comfortable.

photo 8

Plane’s tail is 91″ Door opening is 87″ – Need a little angle to make it fit!

photo 13

After forward entry was not successful – “Maarrty, hey We try it backward now.”

photo 12

SUCCESS AT LAST – Russian ingenuity & Redneck engineering prevail!

photo 10

Russian Air force Base Ocala – Sukhoi 26, 29 waiting for their turn.


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Polite, Polished & Professional

On Sunday, Craig and Sharon traveled to MI to bring a “few” things to load in the truck.  Craig (with a little help/supervision from Sharon) gave the Freightliner a make-over.  Amazing how just a few stickers can completely change the appearance of a truck. Love the new look!

Thanks to Greg Panzl (and Rachel) Wingtip to Wingtip, for dis-assembling 330CG (Craig’s Panzl) and loading it into the truck.

Polite, Polished & Professional 2 will soon be making its way to the port in GA (Thank you Gary DeBaun.) and shipping out to Germany.  All of the logistics and paperwork have been quite the undertaking… not nearly as much fun as flying!

truck sticker photo


Plane in truck



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The Team flies the Bear Creek Bash, Rome GA

Four members of the team flew in the IAC Ch 3 Rome GA contest this past weekend – Marty, Craig, Mark and Mark.  Overall all four of us flew quite nicely.  No hard zeros from anyone.  Craig got to fly his most recently designed PLS Free, and has decided to go with it for Europe – PLS is the secret weapon of Team USA!  (it’s a secret, we’ll share after the contest!)

We were able to get in a 2nd Unknown.  Sort of a Free Unknown format – all the Advanced pilots submitted figures the night before, Nik drew them up in the morning, and we got them and briefed immediately after flying the 1st unknown, so just a quick brief, no study and go fly.  Marty, Craig and Fullerton flew…..but Novo didn’t get to fly because a storm blew in and we had to end the contest.  So, we’ll just have to call the contest a draw for now until we get to Europe….BECAUSE….

That’s the last team gathering until the pre-contest camp in CZ.  Now it’s time for a month of logistics – containerizing the planes, getting shipping arranged, insurance procured, customs documents in place, etc.  The Panzl is at Greg Panzl’s place for disassembly.  Marty is still working out a few kinks on the MX and will take to Ocala to containerize in a couple weeks.

Then, end of July we meet in CZ for a week of practice and off to the contest – hard to believe we’re in the last stages!

IMG_0452 IMG_0450

Craig flies Unknown 2 (yes, I’m still waiting on someone else to get me some video!)  Plenty of mistakes, lousy roller, at least one out…remember, this was with zero study or planning time, just read the card, fly the figure.  Still a fun sequence.


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Saying goodbye to Keystone and our home away from home

The community of Keystone Heights Florida once again hosted the US Advanced Aerobatic Team for “spring training” in 2014.  Maria, Mary Lou, Keith and all our wonderful friends from 2012 eagerly welcomed us into their lives and homes to make our practice weekends so much more successful.

Over the course of 8 weekends from January through May we flew 3-day training camps at Keystone (and one at Imokalee – thanks Bo).  Mary Lou graciously provided lodging for all of us, her husband Keith cooked fabulous meals for us almost every night, and Maria and Joe at the airport made sure we had a dedicated conference room and priority access at the airport in every way.  Honestly, if your plan is hardcore aerobatic practice, you really can’t ask for anything more.  Plus such fantastic friendships made over the course of these couple years.

Our last camp in Keystone was the weekend of 5/16.  Our hosts threw a fantastic going-away party for us.  Sad to it’s come to an end for the year.  We’ll be back you can bet.





MARY LOU (the Mayor) and MARIA – our wonderful hosts for so many weekends


NIK flies off into the sunset in the Suk following our last camp.



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Keystone May camp

Marty, Mark (Fullerton) and Craig (along with Doc Moye) are practicing in Keystone this weekend with Nikolay coaching.  Absolutely perfect weather finally!  Crystal clear blue sky (a front came through Thursday but has departed.)  A stiff breeze directly crossbox was perfect for wind training – required substantial correction – the goal is to correct into the wind without it being noticeable because off-heading correction costs points.  Where was this weather January through April??

The pilots got in 3 coached flights each on Friday.  A”flight” usually consists of flying a thoroughly briefed, but not memorized, unknown, then practice on several weaker figures of the unknown, then perhaps another run through the unknown.  Usually lasts about 20 minutes and the pilot is pretty tired at the end – effective training learning stops about then so might as well land instead of waste gas.

Marty’s MX2 is flying again with a different propeller and he seems to have worked through a rough-running motor.  Marty’s challenges with his new plane have been troublesome, but not all that surprising with a new acquisition.  Mark brought his Lazer but is transitioning to the MX2 since he’ll be flying that in Slovakia.  Craig’s Panzl continues to run like a top.

The team made plenty of errors on Friday’s flights, but seemed to all calm down and settle in for the last flight, with several no-zero flights.  We all left very positive about the day.

IMG_0435 IMG_0436 IMG_0440

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Craig flies the Q at Florida camp

no, I’m not a narcissist, just learning the website and no else has video to post!

for the team,


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