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For the past month, Nikolay has been inside the mind of each pilot to effectively push him or her to their maximum flying potential. I believe his aerobatic coaching was brilliant, but the results really speak for themselves. To have so many pilots in contention going into the final round is a luxury that most countries do not have. Nikolay utilized this depth of talent to the absolute fullest, but some days the cards (or scores) just don’t go your way. My amateur analysis is only the tip of the iceberg. The best person to give a full recap of the contest is the coach himself; watch Nikolay’s local interview below to get a more seasoned perspective:


While the contest is over and the journey is nearing the end, I will continue to post photos and other content from the contest to try to convey the atmosphere of sportsmanship that pervades an international aerobatic contest. Many friendships were made and plans laid down for the next WAAC to be held in South Africa. Along the same lines, we made sure to welcome them to the unlimited world championships held next year in Denison, Texas. The USA may be on the outside this go round, but with the precedent set by the team this year, future American teams will be a strong, well-trained force to be dealt with.

Video courtesy of www.szon.hu

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