For Reinaldo Beyer

Reinaldo Beyer

The 2012 USA Advanced Aerobatic team is deeply saddened by the loss of our teammate and friend. We will always remember our time with Reinaldo, and express our sympathies for his family and others in the aerobatic community.


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  1. KC says:

    We are heartbroken to have lost Reinaldo and our thoughts are with his wife and family as we honor his memory.

  2. Annie Boon says:

    It is with deep sadness and shock that we heard the news of Reinaldo Beyer’s death. A number of us recently met Reinaldo in Hungary, and he was such a wonderful, quiet and gentle human being, who seemed to have a permanent smile of his face.

    While we all know and understand that this is a high risk sport, it does not make it easier when accidents of this nature occur. Please accept our condolences, and know that you are in our thoughts.

    Annie Boon
    on behalf of the The South African Advanced Aerobatic team and aerobatic community.

  3. Walter Beyer says:

    Me adhiero a la triste noticia del fallecimiento de mi primo Reinaldo. Desde Chile le doy a Liz y sus amigos del equipo acrobático de EE.UU. mis más sentidas condolencias.

    I subscribe to the sad news of the death of my cousin Reinaldo. From Chile to give Liz and her friends U.S. Aerobatic Team my heartfelt condolences.

  4. Felipe Casasempere says:

    Such a great person, very humble and very professional. I had met Reinaldo back in 2009 when he came to Chile. He also flew with us, the Halcones, showing great expectation and joyness!!!
    Pilots don’t die, they just fly higher!!
    Rest in peace my friend.
    My Condolences to all of the aerobatic team and to his wife.

  5. Marty flournoy says:

    Over the past few years Many of us have known Reinaldo only as a talented and fierce pilot competitor at the Nationals. However this year it was a real pleasure during the training camps and during the Advanced Championships in Hungary as a fellow team member getting to know a few of the interesting facets of his life. Initially his quiet and reserved demeanor was misread by me as shyness or indifference, yet I was to find a deeper level of person as he opened up and conversation topics went from aerobatics to healthcare to politics to other outside interests, his eyes lit up as we discovered a common love for the challenge of flying sailplanes and of competitive sailing in the Lazer class, a passion that eventually led Reinaldo to a birth on the Olympic team of his native Chile. He said he had A slight change of plans when he landed a scholarship for Medical school here in the States.
    For the several weeks we spent together in Czec Republic training and Hungary during the AWAC, his frequent off the wall observations along with his razor sharp wit and dry humor kept us laughing with him. Always pragmatic, Reinaldo was straight forward in his opinions, never allowing political correctness to get in the way of calling it like he saw it. Under pressure we witnessed his amazing ability to focus, essential as a cardiologist and invaluable to be competitive at world level on several USA AWAC teams. As a former National Advanced Champion he showed that same focus when he set his sights on that objective.
    As two of oldest members of the team, we laughed often at the many humorous situations that inevitably happen when you find yourself in the midst of young type “A” aerobatic egos and world Contest flying are mixed together. Reinaldo was also no stranger to humility that world contests can bring out of you when Team pressure is at it’s highest.
    Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family. His friendship and camaraderie in the IAC family will be greatly missed.

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